Ritrovarsi insieme è un inizio,
restare insieme è un
ma riuscire a lavorare insieme è un

(Henry Ford)

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About us

Rilo Team and corporate resumé

" Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
Henry Ford

construction engineering

construction engineering

“ The role of future engineers is one that aspires to contribute in the creation of an individual, a community, an environment, a world, a cosmos of the natural and free expansion”

Rilo Digital Planning is an engineering company characterized and modeled by the strong belief and practice of technological innovation.

All services provided implement its construction methodology in a transversal way, from the analytical phases of the technical and economic evaluation up to the design, construction and real estate management of each project.

Our goal is to analyze and respond to each sector’s needs in an integrated way by using the approach of digital tools as a fundamental instrument to address and resolve the technical and managerial problems of traditionally based practices.

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Rilo Digital Planning was born from the originative ideas of four university colleagues and friends, who after a professional period in leading engineering and architecture groups, founded a highly innovative reality characterized by a constant commitment to a more sustainable construction.

Rilo Digital Planning continues to pursue a dynamic environment in which traditional technological innovation and engineering synthesize to highlight the potential of a new digital methodology. Our company aims to be an incubator for initiatives and proficiency, giving margin for new ideas and finding ways in which our space can make them concrete and real.


a sustainable


Sustainability is one of Rilo Digital Planning’s core beliefs. Its concrete commitment is demonstrated through important partnerships, one of which was established with Green Building Council Italia. A company who’s framework promotes a process of transformation for the Italian building market and whose parameters establish precise criteria within the design and construction of healthy, energy efficient and high impact buildings contained by it’s environmental community.

International certification protocols and energy consultancy are followed by our LEED AP and WiredScore AP certified engineers.

quality, environment,


Rilo Digital Planning finds importance in the reduction of plausible risks by inspiring confidence in its stakeholders. We believe that our management systems are fundamental for the concrete progression and development of the company.

Through our ISO 9001 certified Quality management system we aim for the continuous improvement of our company’s performance. Our ISO 14001 certification successfully supports our goal of limiting environmental impact, while the preventative measures relating to the safety and health of all employees is the result of our ISO 45001 certification.