Ritrovarsi insieme è un inizio,
restare insieme è un
ma riuscire a lavorare insieme è un

(Henry Ford)

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The development of smart cities

AUTORI: D. Di Ciaccio, C. Galimberti, A. Di Ciaccio, E. Maroder

The development of smart cities: analysis of the interactions among the economic, sustainability and resilience components in the new technological framework

Technology is shaping cities, proportionally to the ability to build. Cities, since representing the place where 55% of the world’s population live, should be able to adapt to different needs: both from a socio-economic and a geomorphological point of view.
Nowadays the unusual relationship between land use and pollution sources (2% of the developed land produces 70% of total emissions) is a crucial issue also linked to the great energy crisis that our planet is currently facing.
In this critical landscape, the use of new technologies allows a digital management of the processes affecting the urban environment, in order to reach new goals for the achievement of sustainable objectives, which until now were difficult to reach and quantify.